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Stav Martial Arts – Close Quarter Combat for Practical Self–defence

Salisbury, Wiltshire – 10am to 4pm, Saturday 9th March 2024

At The 23rd Salisbury Scout Hut, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 3JR, UK

Please come and join us for a day of practical martial training. The course will be led by Graham Butcher, Stav teacher with 30 years experience and black belt in Lee Style Whu Shu.

Close Quarter Combat for Practical Self–defence

The first rule of self–defence is that if you are sorting a problem out by hitting someone then something has gone seriously wrong. Most conflict can be resolved long before violence is involved, if that is our true intent. However, before we can solve the problem of violence we have to understand it. On this course we will explore:

  • Basic principles of Self–defence Awareness and distance
  • Action, Intention, Movement Simple ways of creating very different realities.
  • The Five Principles The art of the possible.
  • The Internal Battle Where the fight is really won or lost.
  • Training

    The day will consist of four sessions, each one devoted to a different level of practice.


    1000hrs Welcome, introductions, safety briefing and opening Runic Stances

    1010hrs Session 1 – The foundation of self–defence, including:

  • Cultivating awareness
  • Judging and managing distance using the five postures
  • Takeaway: If you can see trouble before it comes and keep a safe distance you don't have a great deal to worry about.
  • 1130hrs Session 2 – How to manage a situation to your advantage, including:

  • Understanding the relationship between action, intention, and movement and simple and practical ways of practising this relationship
  • Chaos points, the opportunities in time and space when a situation can be turned to your advantage
  • Building redundancy into your training so that you are free to respond appropriately to a situation without being locked into techniques
  • Takeaway: Appropriate self–defence training is very simple and should prepare you to respond to any situation without being locked into specific techniques or moves
  • 1250hrs Lunch

    1320hrs Session 3 – Exploring the five principles of combat, including:

  • Trel, removing yourself from a situation which is really none of your business
  • Karl, defending space
  • Herse, neutralising threats
  • Jarl, fighting with detachment
  • Konge, what is worth dying for?
  • Takeaway: If one principle is not going to work, then use one of the other four and survive to fight another day.
  • 1440hrs Session 4 – The real source of violence and finding Inner peace, including :

  • The paradox of releasing true power through relaxation
  • Achieving deliberate slowness in training and recognising that speed is an illusion
  • The peaceful spirit
  • Takeaway: violence is ultimately our own creation, and thus our choice.

    1555hrs Closing stances and dismissal

    1600hrs Finish


    9th March – The 23rd Salisbury Scout Hut, 67 Stratford Road, Salisbury, SP1 3JR, UK

    Other Details:

    Please wear loose comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for indoor training. Training in bare feet is fine if that is what you prefer.

    There will be a short break for lunch, please bring your own food. Drinks will be provided. A note book and pen might be useful too.


    Ice and Fire Stav Members £25 Non members £35


    Please email Graham to ask for BACs details, or please use the Paypal form below.

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