Tyr Stance with the Staff
Axe Training
Cudgel Training
Dagger/tein Training

Somerset Stav Seminar

Saturday 4th of April 2020, 10am to 5pm, Venue to be confirmed

Ice and Fire Stav Martial Training Day

Ice and Fire Stav training covers Runic Stances, Two Handed Weapons and Close Quarter Combat

In the first part of this seminar we will cover the essential training with two handed weapons beginning with the staff:

  • Carrying, holding and deploying the staff.
  • Runic stances and the staff exercises based on the runic stances
  • Simple drills to develop accuracy, awareness of distance, posture and maintaing a guard.
  • Two person staff drills to cultivate an understanding of AIM (action, intention and movement) with the intentions based on the five principles of Stav.
  • A simple blending exercise which shows you how to coordinate your timing and movement with a partner.
  • The second part of the day will look at the advanced two handed weapons, the axe and the spear. I cannot cover the full range of possibilities with these weapons in one day, but we will train in the following:

  • Basic axe cuts so that we can use the axe as an attacking weapon.
  • The theory of nine guards and which guards work best with which weapons.
  • Nine guards with the spear defending against the axe.
  • Nine guards with the Staff.
  • A simple technique with staff or axe to clear space.
  • The third part of the day will look at the cudgel and tein as close quarter weapons. These weapons can be used to simulate a deadly attack with a weapons such as a matchete or dagger. We can then use the principles of AIM and body mechanics for defence with the cudgel and tein.

  • Basic strikes with the cudgel.
  • Using AIM to block, evade or intercept.
  • Applying the lessons learned with the cudgel unarmed.
  • Basic attacks and defences with the dagger/tein.
  • The application of body mechanics with and without the weapon.
  • The importance of redundancy.
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    Somerset Stav Seminar

    Venue to be confirmed but in or near Crewkerne, on Saturday 16th of November 2019, 10am until 5pm

    Instructor, Graham Butcher

    Maximum 12 people training

    Cost: £30, Ice and Fire Stav members £25

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