Dagger Training
Cudgel Training

Weapon Training for Close Quarter Combat

Training in Beverley on Saturday 19th May 2018

There will be two seminars on this day. Each seminar features a different weapon and will teach appropriate drills. However, there is a common theme running through both sessions.

Training with weapons can have a dual purpose. By training with a specific weapon, you will get more skilled in using that weapon. However, training with weapons can also develop your skill and judgment, so that you can control an attacker without using a weapon at all.

In order to learn unarmed skills from weapon training you need to learn the following lessons:

  • Develop your ability to combine action and intention and movement.
  • Learn how to judge between blocking, intercepting and evading an attack.
  • Develop your awareness of body mechanics, to the point where your opponent's body becomes your weapon against them.
  • Both seminars will explore these concepts in the context of training with each weapon.

    The morning seminar will be devoted to training with the Cudgel/walking stick. The afternoon session will focus on training with the Dagger/tein. You are welcome to attend either or both events.

    These seminars compliment the Self–defence training programme.

    Introduction to Training with the Cudgel – 10am until 1pm

    The cudgel is a one handed weapon, which will reach from your hand to the floor. In its simplest form the cudgel is just a stick, light enough to be handled with one hand and weighty enough to deliver a kinetic strike. Training with the cudgel will teach you how to use a walking stick for self–defence. Cudgel training will also provide the basic skill needed to use a one handed sword or lang sax.

    Training with the cudgel, is also good exercise, and will develop your ability to combine action, intention and movement. If you can develop your judgment and coordination, to a high enough degree, then the cudgel itself becomes superfluous.

    In this seminar you will cover:

  • Gripping and deploying the cudgel
  • The six back strikes and three essential thrusts with the cudgel
  • Using the Hagl rune as your training manual
  • Two person training for accuracy, distancing and control
  • Practising AIM (action, intention and movement)
  • Self–defence with the walking stick
  • Time: 10am until 1pm. Instructor: Graham Butcher. Cost: £15 (or book both seminars for £25) Six places only. To reserve your place, please see below.

    Introduction to Training with the Dagger/Tein – 2pm until 5pm

    The tein is the shortest of the five weapons we use in Ice and Fire Stav. (Tein means twig, branch or short stick). The tein can be used to represent a dagger. The tein is also an effective defensive weapon in its own right.

    By training with the tein, you can learn how to deal with potentially deadly attacks with a weapon such as a dagger. You will learn how to use a non–leathal force multiplier, in the form of the tein, to neutralise an attack with a deadly weapon. You will also discover that correctly applied body mechanics, work effectively with, or without, a defensive weapon. In this way we work from; deadly weapon, to defensive force multiplier to unarmed close quarter combat skills.

    In this seminar you will cover:

  • Gripping and deploying the tein or dagger
  • Thrusts and stabs with the dagger
  • Using the Hagl rune as your training manual
  • Drills for preventing an attacker from deploying their weapon
  • Breaking out of a bind
  • Drills to neutralise and control dagger attacks, with, and without a tein
  • Time: 2pm until 5pm. Instructor: Graham Butcher. Cost: £15 (or book both seminars for £25) To reserve your place, please see below.


    Please note that there are only six places on either of these courses. Reserve your place by either using the Paypal form below or Email with your name and contact details and request bank details for a BACS transfer.

    Select, morning, afternoon or all day

    Training is scheduled for the following dates, please email if you would like to reserve a place on any of these events:

  • 19th May – Staff training and axe seminars
  • 23rd June – Staff training and dagger, tein and CQC
  • 14th July – Staff training and cudgel
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