Self–defence Training
Staff Training

Stav Training in Beverley Autumn 2018

There will be three opportunities to train before the end of the year. Each training day will be divided into two sessions, the morning session will focus on weapon training and the afternoon on Close Quarter Combat training.

The weapon training will focus on the staff, spear and axe. We will train in using the axe as the attacking weapon and the staff or spear for defending using the nine guards and five principles training method. There will be a development in the drills and level of training over the three seminars, beginning with two person staff drills and moving through the nine guards to the five un–prepared spear drills. If you are willing to practice the training drills between events you could learn a great deal in the next three months.

The CQC training will begin with fundamental self–defence skills covering awareness and managing safe distance. We will also look at managing distance and contact using appropriate posture. Also, close range striking by cultivating dropping power. Use of principles for effective methods of breaking away, pushing an opponent away, and take downs. We will also look at five principles knife defence and use of the dagger tein for understanding body mechanics.

The CQC training would compliment the Self–protection distance learning programme details here.


Saturday 20th of October, 10am to 5pm

Saturday 17th of November, 10am to 5pm

Saturday 15th of December, 10am to 5pm

Costs and Booking

Attendence is limited for four students at each course. So, please book promptly to avoid disapointment.

Cost of each day is £30 or you can book a place on all three seminars for £75.

Please book using the Paypal form below or email for bank details to make a BACS transfer.

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