Stav Training in Beverley

Staff Training

Saturday 3rd March 2018 – Introduction to Training with the Staff

The simplest weapon is the staff. Add a pointed head of some kind and you have a spear. Stav means stave or staff. This means rune staves but also means the walking staff, ski pole or fighting spear or pike.

If you can handle a staff you can use any two handed weapon including the axe, longsword, pole axe, spear or halberd. In this seminar you will cover:

  • Carrying and deploying the staff
  • The three hands and three fingers grip
  • The staff exercises drawn from the runic stances
  • Two person training for accuracy, distance and control
  • Five principles drills for learning how to train safely with a partner
  • Time: 10am until 1pm. Instructor: Graham Butcher. Cost: £15


    Please note that there are only six places on this course. Reserve your place by either using the Paypal form below or Email with your name and contact details and request bank details for a BACS transfer.

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