Ice and Fire Stav organises the Summer Stav Camp with Ivar Hafskjold. We also provide Stav training in Beverley in East Yorkshire. Please see Programme page for more details.

Tyr Stance

How to Train in Stav

Stav means 'knowledge of the rune staves'. So, the basis of Stav is learning about the runes and then integrating that knowledge into your life.

The basic practice of Stav is the stances, a series of postures which develop deep and natural breath, cultivate balance and a sense of being centred. Practising the stances will also calm and focus the mind. The stances come from the runes and the runes are learned through practising the stances. Learning Stav is not so much a linear process as one of weaving together many different strands of knowledge, experience, insight and intuition.

Other knowledge associated with the runes includes the traditional meanings and associations, Norse mythology and discovering concepts such as the web of orlog, wyrd, megin (life force) and fylgia (spirit guide).

Important concepts are also shared through bind runes which include: The craft bindrune for self-reliance, the healing bindrune for health and well being and the ethical bindrune for conflict resolution.

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