Stav training, Minneapolis, 20th to 22nd May 2017

Weapon training, stances and CQC

Graham Butcher is one of Ivar Hafskjold's original students and has trained in, practised and taught Stav for well over 20 years now.

In May 2017 Graham will be teaching for three days . Training will be suitable for those with no prior knowledge and for those with experience.

The main topics to cover will include:

  • Stav as a way of life, knowing your body, your environment, your family, society and culture and being able to live harmoniously.
  • Stav as an method of self education that can continue throughout your life.
  • Stav as a means of clearly seeing the world you live in and understanding your inner reality.
  • Stav as a system of thinking and developing intuition for solving real world problems.
  • Stav as a way of understanding what it means to be human and resolving conflicts.
  • Stav as a method of training for effective combat with or without weapons in the technical sense.
  • This will be a lot to cover in three days. In one sense we would only scratch the surface of what is possible through Stav training and practice. On the other hand, Stav is not something you learn by rote. Stav is a tool that you learn from by using it. So, you can learn plenty of value in three days if you are prepared to practise and use your knowledge subsequently.

    The main practice we will study is the sequence of runic stances. The stances train the body for balance, posture and full range of movement. Performing the stances will locate you in your environment and develop the experience of being grounded and centred. The stances teach you to embody the runes which is the first step towards gaining knowledge of the rune staves. Performing the stances trains the body in deep and natural breathing. Daily practice of the stances will also cleanse and balance your Megin (the intrinsic energy which the orientals call Chi or Qi). The stances also provide the basis for other physical training in Stav, especially the martial arts training.

    We will begin and end each day of training with the stances and there will be at least one session when we will explore the stances in detail.

    To understand Stav is is also necessary to build your knowledge of the runes. This includes the symbols, names, meanings and associations, rune poems and related mythology. This is knowledge that you need to build up for yourself. There will be teaching on how to build up your knowledge of the rune staves. There will also be resource material available prior to the course which will enable you to be well prepared for the event itself.

    Knowing and studying the traditional bind runes is another essential aspect of learning Stav. We will look at the Ethical Bind Rune which teaches how to deal with conflict and introduces the concept of the five principles of Stav. Also the Healing Bind Rune which is concerned with health and well-being in body, mind and spirit. There is also the Craft Bind Rune which is helpful for solving practical problems.

    We will also look at specific uses of the runes such as rune counselling and as guides for journeying.

    However, the course will not all be sitting around talking and navel gazing. There will be practical martial arts training which will explore how weapons, Close Quarter Combat skills and the practice of the stances combine to make Stav such an effective training system. Two of the main advantages of Stav training are: Firstly, you can maintain your practice throughout your life, even into old age. Secondly, daily practice of stances and regular training with weapons will maintain strength and vitality and develop your ability to work with the lines of the web even if you train with your instructor relatively infrequently.

    We will have sessions on weapons, mainly the staff and axe. This training will look at developing posture and the ability to centre. There will also be an emphasis on working with the lines. For the CQC training we will look at the essentials of self-protection. Building on the basics we will consider importance of body awareness, distancing, posture and emotional energy. Then we will look a practical applications of dropping power and efficient use of body mechanics.

    Training is challenging, interesting and fun. Also suitable for men and women of all ages and body types.

    So, what next?

    Please download the provisional programme available in PDF form.

    If you are ready to consider booking for this event please see Ice and Fire USA Site.

    If you would like to find out more about the runes before you commit yourself please check out 16 Runes . com