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Learn the Essential Principles of Martial Arts

Discover the importance of Structure, Line and Intention through Stav Training with Graham Butcher

Hosted by the Gallowglass Academy in Leaf River, Illinois, USA, 18th and 19th of May 2019

Graham Butcher is one of Ivar Hafskjold's original students and has trained in, practised and taught Stav for well over 20 years.

The basic principles of Stav martial training are simply:

  • Creating a centred structure within your body and being centred in your mind.
  • Seeing the lines of the web for movement, striking and intuitively recognising the chaos points on the web. The chaos points are where and when change is most easily brought about.
  • Strategic intention, where you decide what you want to achieve in a conflict situation and then combine the appropriate action and movement to manifest your intention. There are five principles which express intentions in combat. Each principle is expressed by following simple and easily learned rules of action, intention and movement.
  • Principles are of no particular use if there is no context in which to apply and practice the concepts. The real challenge for a martial arts teacher is to provide a training method which can be learned and practiced. Once learned this system must reveal, rather than obscure, the essential principles of martial training. The most important thing is that those who practice the training method learn from working with what they have learned.

    There is little value in just learning movements for their own sake. The real value in training is gaining insight into the principles which can be applied in any conflict situation. A genuine understanding of martial principles will also enable you to assess the real value of any training method. You will also be equipped to develop your own training methods.

    Two Simple Training Methods

    For the purposes of the Leaf River seminar we will train for an understanding of structure, lines and intentions. To provide a training context we will use a carefully developed staff training method and five principles knife defence drills.

    Staff Training

    The Staff training will focus on nine simple exercises based on nine of the runic stances. We will work with some simple drills for developing accuracy and coordination. Then we will practice two person drills which work with the lines of the web. These two person drills introduce the five principles while teaching the concept of AIM, action, intention and movement.

    Five Principles Knife Defence

    The Five Principles Knife defence uses a simple stab as the attack. Then five defences express each of the five principles using a different combination of action, intention and movement.

  • The Trel principle is concerned with removing your body from danger
  • The Karl principle is about defending space from an intruder
  • The Herse principle about controlling and disarming an attacker
  • The Jarl principle is concerned with protecting yourself when there are more important things to pay attention to than being attacked
  • The Konge principle is about stopping an attacker, even at risk of your own life.
  • Is five principles knife defence effective training against a knife attack? As a set of techniques it may or may not be, that all depends upon circumstances and how good you are technically. As a method of training the five essential principles of combat the Five Principles Knife Defence provides a context in which to practice and learn from your practice.

    Please Watch a Demonstration of the Five Principles Knife Defence Method Here

    How Will You Benefit from Attending the Leaf River Seminar?

    You will learn training drills designed to teach the principles of martial arts. These drills are simple enough to learn in a weekend. You can then take this training method away with you and continue to work with it in your own time. Or you can incorporate the principles into your own training system.

    Prepare for the Event

    To help you prepare for this seminar you can also receive my Self–protection Programme. Delivered by email as nine modules of reading material and video. This programme is usually only available to my members or at a cost of £99 (around $130). Please see the full details here. As soon as Allen confirms your booking I will sign you up to receive the programme.

    Cost and Booking

    The cost of attending this seminar is currently $150 which will rise to $200 from the first of April.

    Secure your place now by emailing Allen Reed and asking for payment details.

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