Stav training, Leaf River, Ilinios, USA, 30th September to 2nd October 2017

Hosted by Gallowglass Academy

Weapon training, stances and CQC

Graham Butcher is one of Ivar Hafskjold's original students and has trained in, practised and taught Stav for well over 20 years now.

At the end of September and into the first couple of days of October 2017 Graham will be teaching for three days.

The training programme will be broken down into three stand alone sessions. Each session on the Saturday and Sunday will be suitable for those with no prior knowledge and for those with experience.

The Monday session will only be open to those who have previous experience of Stav training or have attended the Saturday and Sunday.

The Programme:

  • Saturday 30th September 10am until 5pm – Practical Training with the Web of Orlog
  • Saturday 6 until 7pm – Talk on the Creative Web as revealed in the Craft Bind Rune
  • Sunday 1st October 10am until 5pm – Practical Training with the Five Principles of Stav
  • Sunday 6 until 7pm – Talk on the Hagl rune, Heimdal and principles of spiritual development
  • Monday 2nd of October 10am until 5pm – Stav training with the Staff and Axe. For those with prior experience
  • Training with the Web of Orlog

    The web provides lines for striking and cutting to maxium effect. The web connects everything that exists in time and space. The web is the basis of structure and destruction.

    Training with the cudgel or walking stick is a simple and direct way of learning how to move and strike according to the lines of the web. Partner training with the cudgel teaches how to recognise and exploit the points where and when the lines of the web intercept. Training with the tein teaches how to build our own structure of posture and movement while breaking the body structure of an oponent.

    Training with the Five Principles

    The real reason for conflict is a struggle to achieve and maintain status. By understanding the principles of relative status conflicts can usually be avoided. If not avoided then at least force can be used in the most efficent way possible.

    The principles of Stav are found in the Northern tradition as the Trel (slave), Karl (freeman), Herse (warrior), Jarl (leader, judge, priest) and Konge (king). Each suggests a different strategy, tactics and method of resolving conflict. We will explore the application of these principles using a variety of training methods including unarmed combat and knife defence.

    If you ever have to manage a serious conflict situation then understanding the status relationship between you and your antagonist and how to manage that relationship can make the difference between life and death.

    Stav Training

    For those who are serious about developing their experise in Stav and practising subsequently. Training will cover stances, training with the staff and the axe. Two person staff training using the five principles of Stav. Using the axe as a weapon of attack and defence. Using the staff or spear with nine guards to explore the web and principles.

    This will be a lot to cover in three days. In one sense we would only scratch the surface of what is possible through Stav training and practice. On the other hand, Stav is not something you learn by rote. Stav is a tool that you learn from by using it. So, you can learn plenty of value in three days if you are prepared to practise and use your knowledge subsequently.

    Please note that the Monday training is only open to those who have been able to attend the Saturday and Sunday sessions or those with prior experience.


    The talks on the Saturday and Sunday evenings will be opportunities to learn more about Stav as a way of life. The principles of Stav are applicable to all aspects of life. The Saturday evening talk will explore how Stav can be expressed through creativity and business. The Sunday evening talk will look at how we can cultivate the spiritual aspect of life and the part that Stav can play in this.

    So, what next?

    If you are ready to consider booking for this event please visit the Ice and Fire Stav USA Site.