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Principles Based Martial Arts Class in Beverley

Mondays 8 to 9 pm, Norwood, Beverley, East Yorkshire

What is Principles Based Martial Arts?

To master any discipline we must understand the principles upon which the discipline is based. Understanding of principles comes through a combination of training, practice, and application. However, there is always a choice between just duplicating a system, and gaining real understanding from practice and application. Principles Based Martial Arts (PBMA) in no sense does away with the need to train and practice. Through regular practice, the student is encouraged to see and grasp the principles of martial arts rather than simply copying the instructor.

The Three Key Elements of PBMA:


It is common to sample many techniques and patterns without ever really understanding what they are for. It may be much better to learn relatively little and practice deeply to the point where the essential principles are revealed.

Action Intention Movement (AIM)

In any conflict situation it is essential to have a clear and conscious intention. In PBMA five combat intentions can be identified and used. Each intention is manifested and applied by the appropriate relationship of action and movement.

These five intentions are also known as the Five Principles of Stav.

  • Trel, which means removing yourself from a situation and harms way
  • Karl, defending space by using the environment as well as your skill to prevent entry
  • Herse, or warrior, controling an opponent physically and mentally
  • Jarl, managing a conflict situation with detachment and by maintaining an overview
  • Konge, doing whatever is justified in the situation
  • Self Awareness and Personal Development

    Unregulated emotion influences the likelihood of violence. Control of emotion avoids violence and calms those who are angry and aggressive. Relaxation releases power without aggression. Awareness and management of distance is usually much more effective than hitting people. In fact, if you ever get to the situation where you are sorting a problem out by hitting someone then something has gone seriously wrong.

    The Real Purpose of PBMA

    By understanding the dynamics of conflict within yourself, as well as within others, you should be able to resolve any situation without actual violence. If you reach this stage you will also have had a lot of fun training and practicing along the way.


    The Instructor is Graham Butcher who holds a 1st Tengchi Black Belt in Lee Style Feng Shou (Kung Fu). (trained under Sifu Ted Oxley). Graham is also a Stav teacher (trained under Ivar Hafskjold) and a Level 2 Self Protection Instructor (trained under Geoff Thompson) and registered with the British Combat Association

    When and Where?

    Mondays 2000 to 2100hrs (except on the 2nd Monday of each month) at Norwood Methodist Church Hall, Norwood, Beverley, HU17 9HN


    £5 per class. Membership: £20 per year for affiliation to British Combat Association which provides student to student insurance plus other benefits. Or join Ice and Fire Stav and your student to student insurance will be covered. The Instructor has full liability cover through the BCA.


    Green tee shirts from Ice and Fire Stav for the CQC class.

    For more information

    Please contact Graham on 0771 358 5954 or email at contact@iceandfire.org

    Other Training Opportunities

    Two day courses this Autumn will cover similar material except with more emphasis on weapons.

    Salisbury 7th October 2023

    Tickton, East Yorkshire 4th November 2023