The Ivar Hafskjold Interview and Training DVDs

Interview with Ivar Hafskjold

Training with Ivar Hafskjold

A set of two DVDs featuring Ivar Hafskjold. The first consists of a 55 minute interview during which Ivar talks about Stav, his family who taught it to him and about how it has affected his life and why he decided to teach it outside of the family. The second consists of 30 minutes showing Ivar's personal training approach including the Stances, solo weapon training and demonstrating the five principles drills with a partner. See below for full contents lists.

In the Interview Disc Ivar talks about all aspects of Stav including:

  • What he considers Stav to be.
  • How Stav came into being.
  • How he learned Stav as a young man.
  • Training in Japan.
  • Why he decided to teach Stav outside of the family.
  • What are runes?
  • What are the stances?
  • What are the five principles?
  • Concepts such as mott, megin, orlog and wyrd explained.
  • In the Training Disc Ivar demonstrates:

  • The Sixteen Stances in the Trel version.
  • Solo training with the Staff/spear.
  • Solo training with the cudgel/walking stick.
  • Five principles drills with the staff/spear un–prepared.
  • Five principles drills with the staff/spear prepared.
  • Five principles drills with the cudgel/walking stick.
  • The set costs £15 sterling. With UK post and packing the cost is £17, for overseas orders, £20. and postage costs vary depending upon location. Please order using the Pay Pal link below. Copies will also be available at courses and camps organised by Ice and Fire.

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