Stav Staff Training

Affiliated to the
British Combat Association

Ice and Fire Stav Training in 2018

Classes in Beverley

Monday Evenings, 7.30 to 9 pm. Please see here for full details.

Stav Martial Training Seminars in Beverley

The next event will be held on Saturday the 21st of July. There will be two seminars on this occasion. The morning session will introduce Stav training for self–defence. The afternoon session will be an introduction to training with the staff. For more details of these training sessions and future seminars please see here for full details.

Stav Self–protection Programme

This is the second distance learning programme to be launched. This programme will cover the essential training, practice, principles and concepts of self–protection as taught in Ice and Fire Stav. For details of how to join the trial for this programme please see here.

Stav Foundation Training Seminars

This is a new programme which will focus on teaching the stances, the meanings and associations of the runes, understanding mythology, learning from bind runes, the five principles of Stav and much more. The programme includes nine distance learning modules and a day of practical training. Practical training days are scheduled for:

26th of May, 6th of October and the 3rd of November in Beverley

It is also possible to just receive and study the distance learning modules

Please see here for full details and dates.

HEMA Diversity Camp

was held on the 9th and 10th of June 2018. Please see here for some pictures of the event and details of the instructors who took part.

Stavcamp 2018

On the 14th to 16th of September in Beverley, East Yorkshire with Ivar Hafskjold. Please see here for full details.

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